1220mm Building Materials All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel (3A) Outdoor Decoration

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Productions Introduction1. All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel is composed of three layers of aluminum sheet, the roller coating of top aluminum skin with excellent weather resistance can be TiO2 coating or PVDF coating for the decorative and protective surface, the middle core Aluminum sheet is processed by rolling drawing process to all dimensional bridge arch structure with both sides evenly arranged concave & convex volute-shaped, the back aluminum sheet is cleaned and surface chemical conversion treatment.2. The three-layer structure of All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel adopts the mature and unique bonding technology, and the decay rate of the peel strength is less than 5% in 20 years.3. All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel integrated the advantages of a variety of metal curtain wall panel with excellent flatness of the panel surface, light weight & high strength, low change rate under pressure, good weather resistance, easy to process, good fire resistance performance, high recycleable value.4. 3A panel adopts the unique folding structure, not only enhances the bending performance of the panel, but also improves the wind pressure resistance capacity and the cyclic load cycle, at the same time, further sealing waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, extend the service life of the panel.Productions AdvantagesI. Good Smoothness, Small Rate of Wind Pressure deformationDue to adopt unique volute-shaped convex dots structure of Aluminum core with our own patent, the compressive strength of composite materials is can be greatly improved. This kind of unique core structure can make our product bear the biggest stress with the lightest weight. The compressive strength of 3A Panel is much higher than other similar products in the market.Wind pressure resistance property of 3A panel reach Class 9 (Top Class) as per China National Standard GB/T15227-2007.II. Surperior Fire ResistanceFire-resistance Class can reach Fire Class A2, since the product adopt 100% Aluminum structure.3A panel is 100% aluminum structure and it's fireproof performance can reach Fire Class A2 as per EN13501. As a result, customers can enjoy a much higher safety assurance.III. Outstanding Weight Rigidity RatioCompared with other traditional curtain wall material, the weight of 3A is only about 60% of other materials to reach the same rigidity. As a result, the construction cost can be greatly decreased.IV. Excellent corrosion resistance and self-cleaning performanceThe corrosion resistance of a super coating adhesion is strong, has a unique advantage in pollution resistance, weather resistance, can effectively resist the acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet light.V. Various shapes Meet the beauty of individualityDue to the unique internal core structure, 3A panel can be cut, drill & Mill, cure at random as per client's request to fully express the idea of designer.VI. Easy to process and installEasy to transport for its light weight. Simply and convenient installation method, Apparently shorten the project period.VII. Recyclable and Environmental ProtectionSince 3A panel is 100% Aluminum Structure, it is 100% recyclable materials and Environmental Protection product.ApplicationsMetal curtain wall panel, indoor wall integrated panel, super long (≥6m) strip ceiling for public building, special panel for function (machine room, operating room), special decoration panels for ship cabin, etc.Alutile 3A panel is widely used in the decoration of high-end metal curtain walls of public and commercial buildings such as airport high-speed railway, subway light rail, museum, archives, exhibition center, commercial complex, high-grade office building, hotel, etc.Altile all-dimensional aluminum core board is suitable for all kinds of different walls, including traditional exterior curtain wall, indoor ceiling and interior decoration walls. Diversified color personality, customers can completely according to their preferences to choose metal paint, common paint face, marbling or wood grain, personality to show.Productions Specifications & DataBase material composition: aluminum alloyRecommended:PVDF coating or wood grain filmCoating color: several conventional colors (see special color card)Overall dimensions: width 1220mm, 1570mm (maximum width)Length 2440mm (can also be customized according to design requirements and transportation conditions)Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 6mmFire resistant class: excellent fire performance, up to grade A21220mm Building Materials All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel (3A) Outdoor Decoration1220mm Building Materials All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel (3A) Outdoor Decoration1220mm Building Materials All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel (3A) Outdoor Decoration1220mm Building Materials All Dimensional Aluminum Core Panel (3A) Outdoor Decoration

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